Optics usually describes the behavior of visible, ultraviolet, and infrared light used in imaging. Because light is an electromagnetic wave, similar phenomena occur in X-rays, microwaves, radio waves.

Research in optics is focused on the development of biomedical imaging and analysis technologies for life sciences and visual optics. Optics research within the ISCA Japan programme will address many different topics:

  • The development of extremem ultraviolet and soft X-ray light sources for both high volume manufacturing and metrology to support lithography (microchip production) at wavelengths of 13.5 and 6.x nm and high resolution single shot imaging with nanometre resolution of cells.
  • Single molecule/cell imaging to study cell variability and drug responses.
  • Imaging of Rab proteins and effectors in measles virus life cycle.
  • Tapered optical microfibre coupler based biosensors for potential chemical and biological sensing applications.
  • Microcavity-based research for particle sensing applications.
  • High fidelity techniques for matter wave engineering.
  • Development of a laser plasma based system for in vivo biological imaging at nanometer resolution.
  • AFM development for high resolution imaging of water and biological materials.
  • Liquid crystals in electro-optics, photonics, sensors, artificial muscles and in biological systems.
  • High frequency ultrasound and photoacoustics technology applied toimaging of tissues and microcirculation.