300w-ictData is the raw material for our information age.  Companies across many sectors are looking at Big Data – from financial services to fighting cancer, from telecommunications to traffic congestion, from entertainment to energy supply and from media to manufacturing.

It is estimated that data collected and generated by companies and governments is growing by approximately 40% per year. Global companies that smartly leverage this data have created significant value; estimates suggest 4% higher productivity, 6% higher profitability, and up to 50% greater market share.

The value of the global ICT market was estimated at €4.6 trillion in 2009 with an annual growth rate of 5.5 per cent up to 2013 anticipated. Currently, there are over 400 enterprises in Ireland within the telecommunications sector employing c.15,000 people and generating revenues of over €6 billion.

With a large, experienced, well qualified and growing skills base, a favourable corporate tax rate and R&D tax credit, an extensive corporate base involving 9 of the top 10 global software companies and 10 of the 10 global internet companies (all with strategic operations), Ireland is well placed to support corporations with their investments in Big Data and data analytics.

Research organisations include: INSIGHT, CeADAR, ICHEC, TSSG