Dr Martin O’Halloran, NUIG, a researcher at the new SFI Research Center CÚRAM recently visited Japan as part of the ISCA Japan Programme. The purpose of Dr O’Halloran’s visit was twofold: to participate in the Science and Technology in Society Forum held in Kyoto, and to visit Hiroshima University to initiate a new collaboration.

The STS Forum is held each year in Kyoto, attracting world leaders in science, business, policy, media and other diverse areas. The aim is to facilitate a discussion on the constantly developing areas of science and technology, and their power and effect in society. Dr O’Halloran was invited to participate in the Forum as part of the Future Leaders Programme.

A newsletter from the STS Forum is available here.

Dr O’Halloran then visited Hiroshima University to meet Prof Takamaro Kikkawa, of the Graduate School of Advanced Sciences of Matter, to discuss possibilities of collaboration. Dr O’Halloran was recently awarded a European Research Council Starting Investigator grant to examine the dielectric properties of human tissue. This has significant implications for the design of imaging technology which could lead to new medical device platforms. Prof Kikkawa is a world leader the development of microwave imaging hardwares.

The synergy between their work was confirmed, and will lead to a natural collaboration. On behalf of their research groups and institutions, Dr O’Halloran and Prof Kikkawa signed an agreement to shape their connection and develop a collaboration.