A joint Ireland – Japan seminar on the topics of “Membrane Trafficking, Cilia and Human Disease” was held in Tokyo on Wednesday 12th October 2016. The event was attended by leading Irish and Japanese researchers in order to to introduce latest research findings and discuss potential areas for collaboration.

There six attendees from Ireland: Prof Mary McCaffrey, UCC; Prof Dmitri Papkovsky, UCC; Prof Jeremy Simpson, UCD; Dr Oliver Blacque, UCD; Prof Ciaran Morrison, NUIG; and Dr David Hoey, TCD. Complementing the Irish group were Prof Eiji Takahashi, Saga University; Dr Kouji Fukui, Shibaura Institute of Technolgy, Prof Masahide Kikkawa, University of Tokyo; Prof Yuichiro Nakatsu, National Institute of Infectious Diseases and Prof Koji Ikegami, Hamamtsu University School of Medicine. A lively discussion of research findings, issues facing Ireland and Japan and options for research cooperation were discussed on the day.

The organisers and ISCA Japan consortium would like to thank the Embassy of Ireland in Japan, and Japan Society for the Promotion of Science (JSPS) for their support of the seminar.